Oregon Business and Industry Tour featuring NIC

Wednesday, August 10th, I was invited along with many others, to tour a hidden gem in our very own White City. NIC is a 70-million-dollar a year business that creates Cerakote. Cerakote is a ceramic coating that is virtually indestructible. It is coated on brands like TESLA, Smith & Wesson, Oakley, intel, zipline, STARLINK, and the list goes on! NIC soon realized that it wasn't able to produce by hand the quantity requested by the public and worked to solve its own problem by creating a robotics program. With state-of-the-art technology and coding, NIC is able to, in real time, be working with distributors around the world, including Japan, Australia, Germany, The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Columbia. NIC also partners with Walmart to provide this amazing product at home including Cerakote Headlight Restoration & Cerakote Trim Coat. There is also a new Rapid Ceramic Paint Sealant soon to be released, with a website full of videos to be sure your home application is successful.

Not only does the beauty of the building and what is inside blow your mind, but NIC is 99% waste free. The byproduct created from the production of Cerakote is used in fertilizer!

Why am I telling you about this amazing company? 1- Because you should know you've got amazing business and industry right in your backyard. They offer competitive wage and production bonuses. To say that this is a company that cares for its employees is an understatement. In every corner of the facility, you can feel the intentionality of what has gone into it. And the 2nd reason- this business which employs over 150 people, is 99% waste free, and reaches out across the world to provide an excellent product - should be celebrated not over regulated. I am here to advocate for business, the life blood of a strong state, and this company gets an A++.

I was honored to be a part of this tour set up by Oregon Business and Industry (OBI). They came down in a ROCKSTAR bus to shine light on how amazing the people in our state are. This is how we stimulate our economy, through business and industry. I look forward to the opportunity to advocate and support not only NIC but OBI as they work to support this state.

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