Politicking at the Klamath County Fair

Let me just start by saying, I am not a politician. To those of you who stopped at the booth, I am so grateful and honored that you would take the time to share with me your thoughts and concerns. If Lord willing, I am elected, YOU will be my boss. And I will do everything in my power to advocate for your rights and freedoms in this state.

This week/weekend was full of adventures for me, mostly good, but also hard. Klamath County, I have found, is like a huge family. Each person is connected in a way that I really just can’t explain, you have to experience it. Where we all, well almost all of us, could agree, is that we need a change. The concern for the future of our state is paramount in many minds. Our businesses, children, jobs, future, it all feels unstable at the moment with everything coming down the pike. I feel it, you feel it, we all feel it. Something needs to change. But with these conversations came conversations of hope. People are seeing it, and they are ready to do something! So, there we were, hollering out (nicely)- “Are you registered to vote?” If that didn’t draw them in our sign saying “Free Stuff Come See” certainly did:) There was the excitement of registering a first-time voter, helping those who wanted to change parties, or helping a non-affiliated voter choose a party; we saw and experienced it all. It was incredible.

There is hope for this great state. As I explained it to the littles that came by for the candy- Oregon is like its own nation, and we are voting for the President of Oregon in November, along with all the other people that make all the rules. If you haven’t liked the current rules, well then, we need to vote for the opposite party to change those rules.  And then I’d ask their age. We’d count the years till they would be able to vote! It was exciting!!

I say this all to energize you! WE CAN DO THIS! We can turn this state RED! But it takes ALL of us! Working together, getting our ballots in and making sure everyone around us does as well. Host a voting party- give me a call when you do! Let take this state by storm and make it great again!