As a two-term Lane County Commissioner, I know the great value of partnership among other elected officials at the local, state & federal levels. I had the privilege of working closely with government & business leaders in Klamath County to bring affordable high-speed broadband infrastructure to rural Oregon. Our state desperately needs legislators who have common sense & a willingness to swing the public policy pendulum back to the center where it used to be in my era. I’ve known Emily for 18+ years as a terrific wife, mother & community volunteer. She is a positive person who is a good listener and truly has a big heart to serve others. I believe she has the knowledge and skills to use that infrastructure to create jobs for the future. Please send Emily McIntire to Salem!

Cindy Weeldreyer,
Lane County Commissioner [1995-2003]

Dear Emily,

On behalf of the Defend Small Business PAC, we are pleased to inform you that we have endorsed your candidacy for House District 56 based on your steadfast support of the business community.

Defend Small Business PAC – the political action committee of the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce – was created to help elect men and women who believe that small business is the beating heart of our local communities and will defend small business from the bad policies and the overreach coming from state government.

Your campaign has shown your willingness to stand with and defend small businesses throughout Oregon. We are proud to support candidates like you who are willing to defend our local businesses, our jobs and our communities.

Our support is predicated on the use of your voice, and your platform, to oppose draconian policies aimed at crippling small business, putting small business at an unfair competitive disadvantage with large corporate interests, and marginalizing our employees by treating them as “non-essential”.

Please feel free to indicate this endorsement on your campaign materials.

On behalf of

Lynn Snodgrass
Chair, Defend Small Business PAC

JL Wilson
Treasurer, Defend Small Business PAC