On the Campaign Trail- August and September

A little update from the trail. Life has been flying by. The past few weeks have been a blur, but the Lord continues to be faithful.

August has been bittersweet. The end of July, we lost my father-in-law in a tragic accident. It's one of those things that no matter how many times you think it through- it just never makes sense... He was the best of men; I truly can't say enough good about him. He was dearly loved and will be even more dearly missed. But we know where he is, and we know we will see him again, and for that I have hope.

Life doesn't stop, even for tragedy, so we kept right on plugging away.

The current name of the game is miles on the car. We went up to Salem and McMinnville for a fast-paced meet and greet with some friendly neighborhood lobbyists. We were also able to do a tour of the Schnitzer Steel Mill, Cascade Steel Mill, in McMinnville. If you ever have a change to go, - go! The mill is incredible! What they are doing there for conservation, production, employee care- it's exemplary.

School started off with a positive anticipation of new things- good things- happening! Our Superintendent, Andy Kovach, has been tireless in his efforts to boost morale, help with behavior issues, and pursue academics. He and his team have been instrumental in putting together structure and procedure, implementing new grading policies (A-F), and increasing our staff to make this happen. Education is key to our future success; these are our future leaders- and this is an area that I will be working toward continuing to hold accountable.

I was blessed to go to the dedication of the Butte Falls Forest. To see what this community has been able to accomplish with the help of several partnerships in the state!!- I hope it becomes a model of what other communities are able to do. This is a logging town and I have no doubt this will be one of the most managed, thriving, beautiful forests we will have in the state. Great job Butte Falls and ALL who contributed to making it happen!

The last few weeks have been filled with about 1000 miles of road time, leadership books on tape, meeting and speaking with constituents, fundraisers, campaign events, phone calls, and much more. I was able to attend a Republican Caucus meeting in Salem that provided multiple examples of ways that we can take back this state. There is a plan, hope, strategy, work, that is going into making this happen! BUT it takes a village, and we are all a part of it!!! I want to encourage you; YOU make the difference! Please- call people, knock on doors, get involved, donate to campaigns if you're able- this is the time to make the change- whether you want to be or not- you're in it!

Overall, I am so grateful for the experience. I am learning more than I ever thought I would ever know. I am meeting people that blow me away with their wisdom, knowledge, and grace. I am becoming part of a team that I am honored to be a part of. Hope is on the horizon!!

Many blessings to you and yours!


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