And So It Begins

Well, I honestly don’t know how to start this post. Being as that I am not a politician, but just a mom, wife, human, who sees things falling apart and can’t stand it… I am just going to be honest and raw. I will be more professional as time goes on.

I hit Salem running last week. The state put on training for incoming and COVID only Reps that included some mock committee and floor sessions. We were able to have access to our offices, get the lay of the land. It was like learning a foreign language in 2 days. But that has been how this whole process has been- so nothing new. It was very helpful to be there and start acclimating, so I am grateful.

Monday at 9 we were sworn in, adopted House Rules, and then had all the bills being introduced read in. At 1 pm we were invited/asked to sit in for the Governors swear in and address, along with the Speakers of the Senate and House. All these are available online.

Then the week has been filled with meetings, emails, meetings, emails, and running from place to place. My Republican colleagues are fantastic, and I am so blessed to have their help and support. My staff is working hard to get everything figured out and doing amazing. I’ve made prints from my district, thank you Chelsea Shearer, going up next week. They will keep me ever present as to my why.

Please know, I am here for you. I will be advocating, speaking, and doing my absolute best to represent the needs and values of our community in District 56.

Many blessings to you where you are. Please continue to pray.